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I’m gonna be honest here.

I’ve probably received more visits to my blog from searches on an earlier post I made about Boulder entrepreneur Terry Gold’s Toyota FJ Cruiser Car Computer Project than anything I’ve written.

But recently, I got the chance to see Terry’s setup firsthand, and he gave me a short tour before we headed out for lunch.

I’ve know Terry for several years here in Boulder, and this guy loves tech gadgets. I think he tells his wife its all part of his job as CEO of Gold Systems, but, hey, he’s a guy, right? Terry is the only person I ever met who, when the first Palm Pilots came out, he learned that weird Palm shorthand that you could write into them.

But back to the car computer.

If you really want to know lots more and keep track of it all, go to Terry’s own blog, where he fills everyone in to the details. One thing Terry tells me is he doesn’t use all this stuff while he’s driving, although he’ll probably have the Infill 73 computer on, feeding him anything from the best gas prices around Boulder to pumping out favored Bluegrass tunes from the Internet.

As I took some photos of his setup, he explained how I could use the media reader in the glovebox to download my photos and e-mail them back to my office if I wanted. Dsc_0034_2

Terry’s FJ essentially is its own wireless hotspot, using a Kyocera KR1 Broadband EVDO Router with WiFi. I have no idea if I got that right, but I hope I did. Terry also has a small wireless keyboard he can use if he needs to type something into e-mail or actually pretend he’s doing some work when his wife checks up on him messin’ around with all this stuff …

Right now Terry is pretty much an all-Microsoft kinda guy because his company is developing some really amazing voice recognition applications for Bill Gate’s little enterprise, so he also has a Zune that he can plug in if he tires of Internet music channels.

I told Terry I recently bought a MacBook Pro laptop, and he did confess that one day he might have to check out Apple a little closer to see what all the fuss is about. Just think Terry, maybe Steve Jobs needs some help getting his car computer running, too.

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Kasa Japanese Grill & Bar is the latest venture to lease space on the southwest corner of 15th and Pearl Street on Boulder’s downtown mall, and despite some pretty intense competition for good sushi, I think Kasa has what it takes to succeed. Kasagrill

First, the interior is absolutely beautiful, and looks alone will attract hungry mall walkers inside. The ceiling is designed with numerous all-white Japanese parasols, and the white theme cascades down all of the walls and behind a very attractive bar.

Looks alone won’t keep you in business in Boulder, as many restaurants have discovered the hard way. We were out early for a Sunday night, so dinner service was exceptional. We tried several sushi selections, and each was delicious and presented in professional style. The waitress told us they had hoped to specialize in terriayki dishes, and the menu has several, so that might be the next thing to try out.

This particular spot on the east end of the mall has been challenging to other retailers, and ironically, a Subway franchise has opened right nest to Kasa. Across the street, one restaurant already has closed and Cafe Gondolier is taking the space. Once the old Borders bookstore site can be filled, and the new retail.residential project gets built on the opposite corner, Kasa should attract more diners. The question is, how long will all of that take?

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