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Dot-com fever returns

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Startups and more startups, my head is spinning with them.

Yes, we even had a Startup Weekend here in Boulder, where in a 48-hour marathon, about 70 local developers, marketers and idea people set out to create and launch an Internet company over the weekend. One heck of an idea — and in fact, a new company, VoSnap, came out of the creative process, led by Andrew Hyde, owner of Boulder-based Endoze Design.  Talk now is to somehow take this idea to other cities for their own Startup Weekends … we could have startups coming out of our ears.

I sat at Laughing Goat coffeehouse on Saturday morning and monitored the Startup Weekend process a bit from my laptop, as participants blogged and even sent out live video of them doing yoga between brainstorms.

We wrote a two-part series in the Boulder County Business Report in June that we called "Return of the Dot-Com," listing such new companies as,, and VCs are funding many of these new ventures again, much less gun shy now than they were following the dot-com bust.

In just the past few days, I’ve heard about several new Internet startups, including a Web-based mapping software company here in Boulder called MyOnlineMaps and a company coming out of the TechStars venture called villij. We’ve also been tracking another TechStars company in the Business Report called Intense Debate.

All of these, and many more, are evidence that the Boulder Valley remains a hotbed for entrepreneurial ideas. And we’ll be showcasing some really great innovations at our annual IQ (Innovation Quotient) Awards on the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 15. If you like networking and meeting with innovative businesspeople, this is one of the best events all year.

One more plug — we break news of many of these startups every day on our new BCBRdaily, a daily e-news that we send out every weekday afternoon. If you want to get breaking local business news you often will not find anywhere else, just sign up at the Business Report eb site, by clicking on Register for E-Newsletters. Why wait for the morning paper to get your business news?

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